What a Mess!

Childcare Centre Catering Service, a Revolution in Kids’ Nutrition!

As a Child Care Professional, are you sick of having to trawl through supermarket catalogues for Fresh Fruit and Veggies at the start of the week, with little to no time to even order it online? Let us help you!

Little Tummy Tucker offers your Centre a complete meal plan with an easy no fuss online ordering system that lets you pick from an extensive range of meals to suit your center. Best of all we cater for children with allergies at NO extra cost!

Here at Little Tummy Tucker we understand time management and time saving is an essential part of your day when it comes to children’s meals.
Which is why we are dedicated to eliminating the hassle that comes with morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea preparation.

Why not give one of our friendly team member’s a call (07 3216 6021) and we can tailor make an offering to suit your budget AND save you time so the children at your Centre can flourish!

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