Our Little Tummy Tucker vision is to give YOU back the choice and control!

We heard what you said in our feedback forums. You know what your kids eat better than we do – that is why our NEW and improved ordering system gives YOU the power back!

If you like our set rotational menu, that’s great, if you don’t, even better – chose one of our absolutely delicious opt in meals or even have Spaghetti Bolognese every day in one week – it’s completely up to you!

The days of being STUCK with one rotational menu for lunches are OVER – all you need is a list of your weekly Centre numbers, wifi, a comfy chair and you are set to go!

Our new system is so easy to use (If you’ve ever bought a pair of shoes online…you know…once or twice) then you’ll know what to do!

Once you sign up, you receive your login details from us and you are ready to choose your lunches from the weekly menu, opt-in menu or the extensive menu for allergenic kids! You can even access our ordering system through your mobile phone – how cool is that!

What a Mess!