Little Tummy Tucker provides nutritious food to Childcare Centres, Vacation Care Programs and Family Day Care Operators. We offer a full program of morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea delivered fresh each day, as well as options for smaller orders, like lunch only. We offer our Service 52 weeks of the year so there is never any need to make contingency plans.

Convenience – We Do the Work So You Don’t Have To

We deliver fresh meals daily, right into your kitchen. We even help you unpack. We also provide specially packaged and labelled meals for children with allergies or special dietary needs… you won’t ever have to worry about cross contamination.

You won’t have to appoint cooks or extra staff to prepare food and you won’t have to source ingredients or deal with unreliable suppliers.

Food Safety Program

Little Tummy Tucker will supply you with a comprehensive Food Safety Program for receiving, storing and heating our food, as well on-site training. And we’ll be there on Day 1 to help out and answer any questions.

Using Our Service is as easy as 1, 2, 3

Our seamless Service is designed to be very user-friendly. Here’s how it works:

  1. Place your order each week using our EASY online ordering system
  2. Store the food in fridge on delivery
  3. Heat in an oven or microwave (we can even supply the oven!)

After you order we supply you with an automatic confirmation of your order and a menu to display in your Centre. You will also receive a delivery sheet, which you can check off when your order arrives.

What We Do For You

We deliver fresh meals daily using refrigerated vans. We deliver right into your kitchen and help you unpack your order.

We supply morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea, making your Centre very attractive to busy parents who don’t need the extra stress of preparing food each morning.

We offer a seasonal 6 week rotating menu providing plenty of variety. This means you never have to think about menu planning.

We Cater for Special Dietary Needs

We also supply meals for special dietary needs – wheat free, gluten free, dairy free, egg free, lactose free, pork free, vegetarian and halal. Food for allergy sufferers is supplied in separate well-labelled packaging to avoid any cross contamination. With the increase in allergies we understand it is important (and sometimes life-saving) to provide simple and safe alternatives at no extra cost. Food made and packaged for special dietary needs is charged at the same rate as all our standard meals.

Healthy Childcare Meals
Pumpkin Risotto

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